Complex mechatronic drive systems only work if all components are of the highest quality and perfectly synchronised. maxon not only develops and produces DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers, but is also able to combine the high-quality drive components in a mechatronic system. The benefits: a compact design, components configured specifically for the customer, and the guarantee of obtaining maximum performance from the drive system.


  • Everything from a single source: DC/BLDC motor, gearhead, sensor, electronics, software, housing
  • No compromise on quality
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent control properties
  • Robust design: resistant to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures
  • Compact design: top volume-to-performance ratio

The invisible door opener

Together with a Swiss elevator manufacturer, maxon developed a system solution for driving elevator doors. Encased in a housing, the door drive can be mounted directly to the lift cab. And this is where its real work starts. There are many different types of elevators, with differently sized cabs, different materials and, depending on the country, different safety standards. After a homing procedure, the controller co-developed by maxon detects the size and weight of the doors, autonomously calculates the optimal parameters, and corrects them if necessary. In just a few steps, the door drive is configured and ready for use. The system solution combines a brushless EC90 flat with customised housing, an integrated EPOS positioning controller and MILE encoder.

More about mechatronics

E-Bike Systems

maxon has rapidly made a name for itself on the e-bike scene with the BIKEDRIVE retrofitting kit, and has positioned itself strongly among established manufacturers. The system solution from maxon includes not only the motor and gearhead, but also a PowerGrip (throttle grip) and battery. Various partners help customers install this system solution, so that they can retrofit their mountain bike, city bike, or trekking bike with a maxon BIKEDRIVE.


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Better quality of life

Exoskeletons are used in medicine and industry. The mechatronic support structures help in cases of paralysis, for example, or with post-accident rehabilitation. The system solution from maxon consists of a powerful, brushless flat motor with an encoder, a three-stage planetary gearhead and an EPOS-4 controller. The components are stored in a light yet robust aluminum housing, with not a millimeter of space wasted. The Exoskeleton Drive from maxon is mainly suitable for knee and hip joints.

For clean air

The drive system consists of a customised brushless flat motor plus electronics. This system solution accurately regulates the urea diesel exhaust gas, which triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down toxic nitrogen compounds. This pollutant separation ensures compliance with the latest exhaust gas standards. The system is primarily used in trucks and is an important contribution from maxon to improve the global climate.

Precise medical technology

Precision, speed, and user friendliness are indispensable requirements of medical hand-held devices. This sterilisable drive unit from maxon consists of a brushless motor with robust stainless steel housing and cable connection. The motor is controlled by a separate control unit. This is where HPSC (high precision sensorless control) is used, an extremely sophisticated method developed by maxon for the sensorless commutation of brushless motors. During the development of this drive system for dental medicine, particular attention was also paid to its ergonomic properties, so that the hand tool is comfortable to hold. It is available in a range of sizes and power levels.

What does maxon understand by "mechatronic drive systems"?

maxon has extensive knowledge of the perfect interaction of various drive components – and thus of mechatronic drive systems. After all, we've been developing and producing drive components that are among the best in the world for decades now. These include precision motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers. As system experts, we are your first choice when you need to find sophisticated solutions to complex drive problems and implement these in your application.


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