Drive systems for consumer products.

For sports, leisure, or in the arts: maxon is always on board.

maxon drives and controllers are also used in end user products: DC motors drive mountain bikes or golf carts and are highly coveted by model train enthusiasts. The quiet and precise drives are also used in bicycle gearshifts and various art projects. With our flexible production and automated processes, we are able to manufacture both small quantities for prototypes and large series. Just ask our specialists.

Inked to precision

The tattoo scene is driven by younger artists who have little in common with the old stereotypes. They create true masterworks using the latest technology. And they all know the maxon “Swiss motor”.

To the application story

Precise and efficient.

Micromotors by maxon are precise and efficient. Despite their compact design, they are powerful enough to deliver high performance. This also makes them attractive for consumer applications.

Benefits of maxon motors.

  • High quality
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent control properties
  • Robust design: resistant to vibration, shock, as well as high and low temperatures.
  • Compact design: Top volume-to-performance ratio
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Low-noise


maxon has been certified in accordance with the following standards: SN EN ISO 9001 for the processes, EN ISO 13485 for medical products (on request), EN 9100 for aerospace applications (on request) and SN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

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