Drive systems for aerospace applications.

At 10,000 m or in deep space: maxon motors won't skip out on you.

maxon drives have already been used to drive several Mars rovers and withstood the conditions there. Our DC motors resist brutal temperature changes, dust, dirt, and storms. This is achieved with state-of-the-art technology, uncounted lab tests, and specific modifications. maxon engineers transfer their knowledge from custom projects to other aerospace projects such as actuators in passenger planes or stabilizers in unmanned aircraft. We have the knowledge and the experience. No matter whether you require small series for special projects or large quantities, our modern production facilities deliver what you need.

Closer to the sun

Without the sun, there would be no Earth and no life. However, our knowledge about our home star is still very limited. This is about to change. In 2018, ESA will send its Solar Orbiter into space, equipped with a thick heat shield.

To the application story

Compact, rugged, and efficient.

DC motors by maxon are resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. The long life span, efficiency and compact design of the motors make them ideal for applications in the aerospace industry.

Benefits of maxon motors.

  • High quality
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent control properties
  • Robust design: resistant to vibration, shock, as well as high and low temperatures.
  • Compact design: Top volume-to-performance ratio
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Low-noise


maxon has been certified according to EN 9100 (equivalent to AS 9100) since 2012. The standard has been drawn up especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry.

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